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Apps suggestions doctype

The io.cozy.apps.suggestions doctype is used to store apps that are not yet installed, but might be useful for the user.

io.cozy.apps.suggestions are used by Cozy-Banks to extract which connectors can be suggested to the user based on his / her banking operations.


The available attributes in a io.cozy.apps.suggestions document are :


io.cozy.apps.suggestions can have the following relationships:


  "slug": "deezer",
  "silenced": false,
  "reason": {
  "relationships": {
    "transactions": {
      "data": [
        { "_id": "12345abcdef", "_type": "" }
  "cozyMetadata": {
    "createdAt": "2019-04-01T11:41:32",
    "createdByApp": "banks"

See cozyMetadata documentation for more informations about it.

Reason codes