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Cozy DocRules doctype


This doctype represents docrules, i.e. rules used to retrieve documents in the Cozy.

Note the rule attributes, i.e. limit and selector can be parametrised by using a {var-name} notation. In the example below, {date} is a rule parameter used to find payslips before this date, while {limit} restricts the number of documents retrieved.

See here for an example on how to pass parameters to a rule.


  "_id": "io.cozy.docrules/payslips",
  "description": "Get payslips from the given date",
  "doctype": "io.cozy.files",
  "rule": {
    "limit": "{limit}",
    "selector": {
      "cozyMetadata.classification": "payslip",
      "cozyMetadata.createdAt": {
        "$lt": "{date}"