Offline support

This document describes in more details how to use this library in offline mode.

All applications do not require offline mode, and offline mode needs two dependencies : pouchdb and pouchdb-find. As both are very large, we decide not to provide them by default, since v0.2.0.

So if your app needs to use offline mode, you have to add those dependencies by yourself. It means you just need to do:

$/your-app> yarn add pouchdb
$/your-app> yarn add pouchdb-find

Then they will have to import pouchdb and pouchdbfind globally, as they are not imported in codebase anymore. This means adding the following configuration in all concerned webpack target files (for example :

module.exports = {
  plugins: [
    new webpack.ProvidePlugin({
      'PouchDB': 'pouchdb',
      'pouchdbFind': 'pouchdb-find'

This same configuration has to be added in file, to make the build possible.

In prod, since cozy-client-js is injected by the stack, it has not been processed by wepback and the ProvidePlugin. Thus you need to bind PouchDB to window.

/* global PouchDB, pouchdbFind */
// Bind PouchDB to window for cozy-client-js to find it
// PouchDB is provided by webpack through ProvidedPlugin
window.PouchDB = PouchDB
window.pouchdbFind = pouchdbFind