cozy.client.settings.diskUsage is used to known informations about the total used space on the cozy disk.

It returns a promise of the document of the disk-usage of id io.cozy.settings.disk-usage, with attributes containing a used field a string of how many bytes are used on the disk.

The used field is a string since the underlying data is an int64 which may not be properly represented in javascript.

const usage = await cozy.client.settings.diskUsage()

cozy.client.settings.changePassphrase(oldPassphrase, newPassphrase)

cozy.client.settings.changePassphrase is used to change the passphrase of the current user. You must supply the currently used passphrase, as well as the new one. It simply returns a promise that will resolve if the change was successful.


cozy.client.settings.getInstance returns a promise with informations about the current Cozy instance, such as the locale or the public name. See cozy-stack documentation for more details.


cozy.client.settings.updateInstance is used to update informations about the current instance. instance is an object that should be based on to the one you receive from cozy.settings.getInstance(). It returns a promise with the updated instance information.


cozy.client.settings.getClients returns a promise for an array of registered clients. See the cozy-stack documentation for more details.


cozy.client.settings.deleteClientById revokes the specified client from the instance. This method returns a promise that simply resolves if the revokation was successful.