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Other details

How to use the client on Node environment (ReferenceError: fetch is not defined) ?

Cozy-Client relies on the fetch function included in browsers (or polyfilled). This function does not exist on Node environments so we have to provide a polyfill. An example using node-fetch:

import fetch from 'node-fetch'
import CozyClient from 'cozy-client'

global.fetch = fetch

Then you will be able to use all the client methods and fetch data correctly.

When using cozy-client on Node environment, you don’t have access to all React specific APIs. If, for any reason, you want to access these APIs, you can still import them from cozy-client/dist/react.

How to activate logging ?

Cozy-client libs use minilog for internal logging. If you need to see those logs, you need to tell minilog to show them, they are filtered by default. Each lib has a different namespace that can be enabled/disabled.

For example if you want to allow cozy-pouch-link logs at debug level, you can do:

require('minilog').suggest.allow('cozy-pouch-link', 'debug')

If you want to see everything :


More info on minilog docs.