Table of contents

Cozy doctypes

Technical doctypes

Remote doctypes

This repository is where the declaration of remote doctypes is done. Read more about remote doctypes in the cozy stack repository.

External doctypes

Generic model


Relations between documents are under a relationships object at the root of the document. Relations are referenced by their names.

Each relation is an object with a data property containing either null, one reference or an array of references.

A reference is an object containing at least a _type with the name of the referenced doctype and an _id with the id of the referenced document inside its doctype.

  "_id": "mobydick",
  "relationships": {
    "authors": {
      "data": [{ "_id": "hermanmelville", "_type": "io.cozy.contacts" }]

Document metadata

We distinguish three levels : the data (a list of songs from a playlist), the metadata about the data (the creation date of the playlist itself), the metadata of the cozy document (the creation date of the cozy document describing the playlist).

The third level (metadata of the wrapping document) is described by an object named cozyMetadata at the root of the document.

The following keys are reserved and have special meanings:

Note: All these attributes are optionnal and taken care by the apps modifying the document. Unless specified otherwise in the documentation of the doctype, all these attributes may not be present or may have a null value.

  "_id": "xxxx",
  "cozyMetadata": {
    "doctypeVersion": 4,
    "metadataVersion": 1,
    "createdAt": "xxxxx",
    "createdByApp": "xxxx",
    "createdByAppVersion": "xxxx",
    "updatedAt": "xxxxx",
    "updatedByApps": [
        "slug": "xxxxx",
        "date": "xxxxx",
        "version": 3
    "sourceAccount": "xxxxx"

Date format

Date should be formatted in ISO8601 :