How to diagnose a Cozy problem

Here are some advises to help diagnose a problem with your server.

We use a reverse proxy as a gateway between your requests and the cozy applications themselves. If you’re unable to connect to the URL of your server, the first step is to check if this proxy is up and running. The commands depend on your Web server and host system. For example, with Nginx, you can try one of this:

sudo /etc/init.d/nginx start
sudo service nginx start

If the proxy displays a 502 error page, it means that it’s unable to connect to the cozy server. So you need to check the state of the components of the cozy stack :

sudo supervisorctl status
sudo cozy-monitor status

If one of the applications monitored by supervisorctl is not running, restart it. For example:

sudo supervisorctl restart cozy-controller

Cozy-monitor shows the status of all applications, the Cozy stack and the ones you installed. Every application of the Cozy stack must be started: postfix, couch, controller, data-system, home, proxy. If one of them is stopped, restart it:

sudo service couchdb restart
sudo /etc/init.d/couchdb restart

If one of the components of the stack is not started, cozy-monitor won’t probably be able to check the state of your applications, and will display an error. Once every application of the stack will be started, the full status report should be available.


Sometime, CouchDB is started but the cozy stack is unable to communicate with it. To check that everything works fine, try:

sudo cozy-monitor curlcouch /

You should get something like


Otherwise, the error message may help to find the origin of the problem.

If everything failed

If everything else failed, download this diagnosis script, read it carefully and modify it to match your configuration, then execute it and send us the result, so we can help you diagnose the problem.

How can I find assistance?

There are several ways to contact our friendly Support team: