Install Cozy on OVH

Start quickly using Cozy with OVH pre-configured virtual private servers.

It's easy. Everything can be done from the browser.

1. Connect to the OVH VPS product page.

Product page:

Select the level of robustness you prefer (SSD VPS are cheaper, CLOUD VPS are more stable).


2. Size your VPS.

Chose among the different sizes of disk space and pricing. Every VPS proposes 2GB of RAM which is enough for Cozy.


3. Choose the distribution (OS) for your server.

Select the Cozycloud image in the distribution Combobox.

NB: Cozy is only available above Debian 8 distribution.


4. Proceed to the billing.


5. Wait for the installation email and start using your Cozy.

You will receive an email from OVH confirming you that your VPS was shipped.

Connection credentials are given in the email. OVH will automatically create a user on your Cozy. So, once you connect with the credentials given in the email, go directly to the settings section to update your parameters and change your password.

And now enjoy your personal server!