Install Cozy on Scaleway

Scaleway is a pre-configured Private Server provider.

They enable you to start with Cozy in a minute.

You need a credited account to follow the steps below.

1. Connect to your account and create a server.

Subscribe to then connect to your account. Once connected, click on the Create Server button to start the Cozy creation process.


2. Set a name for the new server.

Enter a name for your server in the dedicated field, then scroll down to the image selection.


3. Create the server.

Select the Cozy image in the imagehub tab, then click on the create server button. At the bottom of the page.


4. Wait for certificate generation and connect to your Cozy.

Certificate generation is very long on Scaleway hardware. So wait for 20 minutes to one hour, then connect with your browser to the IP address given by the Scaleway team (https://ip.of.your.cozy/). You should see the registration screen of your Cozy. Let's enjoy your new personal server!

5. Allow server to send emails.

By default, outgoing connections to email servers are blocked. To allow your server to send emails (for example, if you forgot your password or when you share some content), you have to go to the Scaleway admin panel and change the option.