Files Synchronization

Install and configure

To navigate in your files, you should install 'files' application in your Cozy.

Requirements: Android Phone (>=4.4 version)

You can either download the APK and install it on your phone, or get the application from Google PlayStore:

Get it on Google Play

Play Store 01 Play Store 02

Once installed, run it and it will ask you for a few information:

Installation step 01 Installation step 02

Installation step 03 Installation step 04

Once done, you have to confirm and wait for the first time synchronization to finish.

Browse files from your phone

Now that all your file tree is synced, you can browse your files from your mobile. If you want to display a file, you can tap on it. It will download it to the phone/tablet. That way it will be kept on your mobile even if you lose the connection.

Here are a few use cases covered by Cozy Mobile:

A search field is available too, it's useful to find quickly an important file.

Screen browsing Screen browsing

Screen browsing

Backup your photos, make albums and share them

By default the Cozy Mobile will save every pictures it finds on your Mobile to your Cozy. On your remote Cozy, the pictures will be located in a folder that has the same name as the device.

NB: If you want to save bandwidth, you can disable this feature via the configuration screen.

Once done, by installing through the Photos application, you can build new album from the files stored in your Cozy (so from your mobile pictures).

Screen browsing

Then, you can share the album via a simple click on the share button and selecting your contacts with who you want to share the album.

Screen browsing