Import your Google data into your Cozy

In the following steps, we will show you how to import your calendar and contacts from your Google account directly into your Cozy.

Step 1: Connect your Cozy to your Google account

When you connect to your Cozy for the first time, it will ask you information to work properly. Once this step done, your Cozy will propose you to import data from your Google account.

This operation requires you connect to Google and retrieve an authentication token. This token allows your Cozy to access to your Google data. In the following we will give you instructions to retrieve and use this token.

When you chose to import your data from Google, you will access to the import wizard. Once the first screen is displayed, click on the Sign In To Google button:

Onboarding 01

Clicking on Sign In To Google will open a new navigator window or tab. This new window will ask you to allow the Cozy navigator tab to access your Google account. Accept by clicking on Allow.

Onboarding 02

After this confirmation, Google will provide you with a token. Copy this token and come back to your Cozy by closing the window.

Then, paste the token into the form displayed in your Cozy and validate it.

Onboarding 03

Step 2: Import your data

Once validated, you can choose which kind of data you want to import in your Cozy. Select contacts, calendars or both. Then click on Import data.

Onboarding 04

Import is running...

Onboarding 05

When the import is finished, you can access to your calendar and contacts from your Cozy app. Enjoy your data without Google!