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When you hit a problem with the application, you can send us a message with the application logs, so we can try to understand and fix the problem. Here’s how to send the logs:

Screen browsing

Screen browsing

Screen browsing

Note about self-signed certificates

About Self hosted instances, you probably have a self-signed certificate. You have to install it on your Android device, to allow Cozy Mobile to recognize it.

  1. Install on your Android device the application CADroid, which will help you in this task (from the PlayStore or FDroid.
  2. Run the CADroid application, then touch Next (in the upper right corner).
  3. Type your cozy URL, then touch Fetch.
  4. Select your certificate, check it informations and that CADroid didn't find any issue with it, then touch Next.
  5. CADroid has just exported your certificate in the root of the SD card of your device. Note the filename ! CADroid converted the certificat in the format expected by Android. Touch Next to get some informations from CADroid.
  6. Then, still on your ANdroid device, go to Settings/Security/Install from device storage (in the Credential storage section).
  7. Browse to find your certificate, exported in step 5, and select it.
  8. Android will then ask you a certificate name (doesn't matter), and to chose the use of your certificate. Select VPN and Applications. Android may also ask you to upgrade the access sécurity level of your device (adding a unlocking schema, ...).

Now, your certificate will be accepted by any applications on your device !


Thanks to the DavDroid team, for CADroid and elements for this documentation !

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