Sync your desktop computer with your server

Cozy Drive for desktop allows you to synchronize your files and folders between your Cozy and your desktop. Thus, you can work on your files offline. Your modifications will be synchronized as soon as network will be available.


Before installing Cozy Drive, make sure your Cozy should be up-to-date.


You can download Cozy Drive for Windows on this page.

List of known to work versions


You can download Cozy Drive for macOS on this page.

List of known to work versions


Learn how to download and use the GNU/linux client on this page.


At the end of the installation, application will start and ask you for a few informations:


Once done, you will be redirected to the dashboard. First synchronization can now start.

The dashboard is composed of :



When you hit a problem with the application, you can send us a message with the application logs, so we can try to understand and fix the problem.

Open help panel, then click on Send us a message in Official support.


Don’t forget to describe your problem by adding as many details as you can.