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Import data from CSV files

ACH does not support the import of CSV directly.

  1. You need to transform the data into the JSON format understood by ACH
  2. You can use ACH to import your data

Here the example is from a banking data perspective. Say you banking institutions has provided you data in CSV and you want to import it in your Cozy to see the data in Banks.

  • accounts.csv: contains data on your banking accounts
  • operations.csv: contains data on your banking operations

You can look at the parser to see how we transform the CSV data contained in accounts.csv and operations.csv into a format understandable by ACH. THe parser is basic here, the main point of attention here is the reference helper being used to link operations to accounts after accounts have been inserted into the Cozy.

⚠️ The parser is very barebone and is just intended as an example. Parsing CSV is much harder than what it seems. You’d be better of with a real CSV parsing library.

⚠️ There are many other attributes that can be put on accounts and operations. You can see the docs on operations for more documentation.


node parser.js accounts.csv operations.csv > banking-data.json
ach import banking-data.json