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Cozy Device Helper

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This library allows to know more information about the device platform



import { getPlatform, isWebApp, isMobileApp, isIOSApp, isAndroidApp } from 'cozy-device-helper'

To know the platform:

  • getPlatform(): return ios, android or web
  • isWebApp(): return boolean
  • isMobileApp(): return boolean
  • isIOSApp(): return boolean
  • isAndroidApp(): return boolean
  • isAndroid(): return boolean (check if the user is on an android smartphone (native & browser))
  • isOS(): return boolean (check if the user is on an iOS smartphone (native & browser))
  • isMobile(): return boolean (check if the user is on an android or iOS smartphone (native & browser))

Device Name

import { getDeviceName } from 'cozy-device-helper'

To know device name getDeviceName().

Cordova Plugins

import { hasDevicePlugin, hasInAppBrowserPlugin, hasSafariPlugin, checkApp, startApp } from 'cozy-device-helper'
  • hasDevicePlugin: return boolean
  • hasInAppBrowserPlugin: return boolean
  • hasSafariPlugin: return a promise which resolve by a boolean
  • checkApp: return a promise that resolves with informations about the application (if installed) or false (if not installed)
  • startApp: Start an Application. Return a promise - False if the application was not able to be started