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Package your connector

You’ve successfully created your connector and saved your personal data a service you’re using. Now, you want to help others free their data, it’s great ! To allow other users to use your connector, it must be packaged and sent to the store.

Integration in the store for all the users

To run a connector, we do not want the cozy to install all dependencies of the connector each time it installs it.

To avoid this, the connectors need to be compiled into one file in a dedicated branch of the repository and the repository needs to be a public git repository. The package.json file from cozy-konnector-template gives you the commands to do this : yarn build and yarn deploy but the last one needs to be configured in package.json

Once your public git repository is configured, you only have to declare it.

Cozy will soon have a store for connectors and you will be able to publish connectors yourself. But at the moment, you need to declare your new connector on the cozy forum. The Cozy team will review your code and add your connector to the Cozy Home application.

To make the connector available more quickly for all cozys, you can follow this few steps of packaging:


You need to push an icon in assets/. Please respect this rules :

  • Square icon, possibly a png or svg
  • Try the Apple app store icon if needed


  • Edit the name to be cozy-konnector-<slug>
  • Edit the repository URL
  • Edit the command deploy with the correct repository URL


  • Edit the name with a nice name (Capitals and spaces allowed here)
  • Edit icon as needed
  • Edit slug (no capitals and no spaces here)
  • Edit source with the correct repository URL
  • Add a correct vendor link
  • Choose one or more categories (used to sort connectors in Cozy Store) in this list : banking, shopping, insurance, isp, telecom, energy, public_service, other.
  • If needed, change the input type the target website use to login the user: text, email or phone for instance, this will enforce pre-checking
  • Edit for both locales en and fr the short description and long description

See all the properties of the manifest

Deploy command

This will deploy a compiled version of your connector in a dedicated branch of your git repository using git-directory-deploy.

This deployed version can then be referenced to cozy-app-publish to deploy your connector to the registry.