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cozyMetadata maintenance

What is cozyMetadata?

Cozy documents have a cozyMetadata block with metadata about the document, like its schema version, its creation date, its source, etc.

  "_id": "xxxx",
  "cozyMetadata": {
    "doctypeVersion": 4,
    "metadataVersion": 1,
    "createdAt": "xxxxx",
    "createdByApp": "xxxx",
    "createdByAppVersion": "xxxx",
    "updatedAt": "xxxxx",
    "updatedByApps": [
        "slug": "xxxxx",
        "date": "xxxxx",
        "version": 3
    "sourceAccount": "xxxxx"

Cozy-Client helper

This cozyMetadata block is managed by the apps themselves. Cozy-Client is able to manage some parts of cozyMetadata automatically. For this it needs an appMetadata parameter with a few informations:

  • slug: the slug of the app or connector (will be used in createdByApp and updatedByApps)
  • version: version of the app (will be used in createdByAppVersion and updatedByApps)
  • when in a connector, sourceAccount: the id of the io.cozy.accounts document that triggered the current execution (it will help to know which documents belong or are created by which account)

What is automated and what is not

If you provide an appMetadata(and only if you provide it):

For new documents

Cozy-Client will set the default for:

  • metadataVersion to the last version known to Cozy-Client. It’s the version of the schema for the metadata block itself.
  • doctypeVersion if it’s provided in the schema at the Cozy-Client initialization.
  • slug of your app
  • sourceAccount
  • creation date, app and version
  • updated date, app and version

If any of these fields already exists in the document you try to save, these values will override the defaults. This allows you to import a document with an existing history.

For existing documents

Cozy-Client will:

  • Set the updated date
  • Add your app and version in the updatedByApps list

⚠️ These values will override any values that your document may already have.