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Cozy documents have a cozyMetadata block with metadata about the document, like its schema version, its creation date, its source, etc.

  "_id": "xxxx",
  "cozyMetadata": {
    "doctypeVersion": 4,
    "metadataVersion": 1,
    "createdAt": "xxxxx",
    "createdByApp": "xxxx",
    "createdByAppVersion": "xxxx",
    "updatedAt": "xxxxx",
    "updatedByApps": [
        "slug": "xxxxx",
        "date": "xxxxx",
        "version": 3
    "sourceAccount": "xxxxx"

Options for cozy-client

This cozyMetadata block is managed by the apps themselves. Cozy-Client is able to manage some parts of cozyMetadata automatically. For this it needs an appMetadata parameter with a few informations:

  • slug: the slug of the app or konnector (will be used in createdByApp and updatedByApps)
  • version: version of the app (will be used in createdByAppVersion and updatedByApps)
  • when in a konnector, sourceAccount: the id of the io.cozy.accounts document that triggered the current execution (it will help to know which documents belong or are created by which account)
  • when in a konnector, sourceAccountIdentifier: identifier unique to the account targetted by the konnector. It is the user login most of the time
const client = new CozyClient({
  appMetadata: {
    slug: 'banks',
    version: '1.27.1'

When you provide this information, cozy-client will automatically update metadata when it saves a document.

For new documents

Cozy-Client will set:

  • metadataVersion : to the last version known to Cozy-Client. It’s the version of the schema for the metadata block itself.
  • doctypeVersion : if it’s provided in the schema at Cozy-Client initialization
  • slug : Slug of the app
  • sourceAccount: : if it’s provided in the appMetadata at initialization. Note it won’t work for files (see below).
  • creation date, app and version
  • updated date, app and version
const client = new CozyClient({
  appMetadata: {
    slug: 'banks',
    version: '1.27.1'
  schema: {
    bankAccounts: {
      doctypeVersion: '1.0.0'

If any of these fields already exists in the document you try to save, these values will override the defaults. This allows you to import a document with an existing history.

For existing documents

Cozy-Client will:

  • Set the updated date
  • Add your app and version in the updatedByApps list

⚠️ These values will override any values that your document may already have.

Specific case of io.cozy.files

The io.cozy.files doctype is protected by cozy-stack, that restricts the attributes that can be saved by the client, including the cozyMetadata.

This is the case for : * cozyMetadata.sourceAccount * cozyMetadata.sourceAccountIdentifier

To save those attributes, you can pass them directly to the save method, like this:

const client = new client(){
  _type: 'io.cozy.files',
  sourceAccount: '12ab3c',
  sourceAccountIdentifier: '',