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Commitlint Config Cozy

Shareable commitlint config enforcing the cozy commit convention


How to add it on your project

  • Add the library on your dev dependency (yarn add commitlint-config-cozy --dev --exact)
  • Add configuration on your package.json (see an example):
"commitlint": {
  "extends": [
  • Add verification during a commit with husky (> 1.0.0) on your package.json (see an example):
"husky": {
  "hooks": {
    "commit-msg": "commitlint -e $GIT_PARAMS"


What’s Cozy?

Cozy is a platform that brings all your web services in the same private space. With it, your webapps and your devices can share data easily, providing you with a new experience. You can install Cozy on your own hardware where no one’s tracking you.

Get in touch

You can reach the Cozy Community by:


The maintainer for Commitlint Config Cozy is kosssi !


commitlint-config-cozy is distributed under the MIT license.