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What you need

The installation procedure requires:

  • A server to install cozy programs. If you plan to use precompiled packages, the server must run one of the last two versions of Debian or Ubuntu LTS.
  • A domain name (mandatory to host Cozy instances secured with https and accessible from internet. This is a major security feature to isolate applications and avoid bypassing data access permissions).

    In this documentation, we will use domain.example as an example domain. You will replace it with your own domain name throughout the explanation. The address of your Cozy instance will be cozy.domain.example.

  • Good system administration knowledge. Despite documentation’s goal is to be pretty straightforward to follow, there are some tricky and technical parts.

During installation, you will also need to define:

  • a CouchDB administration password
  • a CouchDB database access password
  • a cozy-stack admin password
  • You will need to provide your email address for Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate validation and your Cozy instance creation

You can already prepare these elements.