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Upgrading cozy-stack

Applications inside your Cozy are automatically updated, however, cozy-stack application running on your server must be updated from time to time (once every 3 month is a good compromise between too much and too few). Upgrading cozy-stack ensure you get new features and security improvements.

The way to update cozy-stack differ wether you installed it from precompiled package or from sources.

Upgading precompiled package

sudo apt update
sudo apt install --only-upgrade cozy-stack

Upgrading from sources

Update source code:

cd /opt/cozy-stack
git pull

compile source code:

cd /opt/cozy-stack
scripts/ release $(go env GOPATH)/bin/cozy-stack

You can test compilation produced a valid binary with:

$(go env GOPATH)/bin/cozy-stack version

This command should respond with the compiled cozy-stack version, like


Install new generated binary:

sudo install -o root -g root -m 0755 -T \
             $(go env GOPATH)/bin/cozy-stack /usr/bin/cozy-stack

Restart cozy-stack:

sudo systemctl restart cozy-stack

Check out installation documentation and adjust your cozy-stack configuration if needed.

Et voilà, you just upgraded cozy-stack to the latest version. pretty easy.