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Cozy permissions doctype


The io.cozy.permissions doctype is used for a owner of the cozy instance to control the access of his data.

  • type {string}: Permission type
  • register: temporary permissions allowed by registerToken
  • app: permissions for an application
  • konnector: permissions for a konnector
  • oauth: permissions for an oauth
  • cli: permissions for commandline
  • share: permissions for a share by link
  • share-preview permissions for a preview in cozy-to-cozy sharing
  • source_id {string}: Source of the permission. Can be used to reference a parent permissions
  • permissions {object}: Set of rules to allow/disallow actions on data see here
  • expires_at {timestamp}: When the permission expires
  • codes {map[string]string}: Contains a list of the members (email or instance name) of a permission
  • shortcodes {map[string]string}: Like codes, but contains a shorter code (12 chars) instead of a token

See also the official documentation for additional informations