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Cozy settings doctype


The io.cozy.settings doctype contains some documents. The most important one is the stack instance-related settings.

  • _id: io.cozy.settings.instance
  • tz: {string} Timezone of the instance (ex: Europe/Paris)
  • email: {string} Email of the instance
  • public_name: {string} Public displayed name of the instance

There is also a document with the stuff related to authentication and Bitwarden:

  • _id: io.cozy.settings.bitwarden
  • passphrase_kdf: {int} the type of KDF (0 for PBKDF2 with SHA256)
  • passphrase_kdf_iterations: {int} the number of iterations to derive the master key from the password
  • passphrase_hint: {string} a message displayed in bitwarden clients to help the user finding again their password
  • security_stamp: {string} a value changed when the password is modified, to ensure that bitwarden clients don’t send ciphers encrypted with the old password
  • key: {string} the key used to encrypt ciphers, itself encrypted with the master key
  • public_key: {string} the public key of the user for the cozy organization
  • private_key: {string} the private key of the user for the cozy organization (encrypted)
  • encrypted_organization_key: {string} the key to encrypt/decrypt the ciphers in the Cozy organization (encrypted)
  • organization_id: {string} the identifier of the Cozy organization
  • collection_id: {string} the identifier of the collection for the Cozy organization
  • equivalent_domains: {array} an array with lists of equivalent domains
  • global_equivalent_domains: {array} an array of integers used by bitwarden clients