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Cozy jobs doctype

The doctype holds the informations about the instance jobs. Jobs are created by triggers to handle specific background tasks.

  • domain {string}: The instance domain of the job
  • worker {string}: Worker type
  • service: Handle services (bank operations matching for example)
  • konnector: Handle konnectors executions
  • thumbnail: Handle image thumbnails computation
  • sendmail: Manages all the mail-related work (sharings, 2FA, passphrase reset, …)
  • migrations: Used to handle Swift layout migrations
  • move: Move worker role is to export an instance data
  • push: This worker is responsible of mobile notifications
  • share-*: share-track, share-replicate & share-upload manage all the share-related data between the instances.
  • unzip: Unzip files
  • updates: Handle app/konnectors updates
  • message {object}: Contains all the specific-worker data (slug, script name, …)
  • manual_execution {bool}: Tells if the job has been manually excuted
  • event {object}: Holds the informations for realtime
  • options {object}: Custom overriden options for the job (max_exec_count, max_exec_time, timeout)
  • state {string}: State of the job. Can be queued, running, errored or done
  • queued_at {timestamp}: When the job has been queued
  • started_at {timestamp}: When the job has been started
  • finished_at {timestamp}: When the job has been finished
  • error {string}: Contains the error message if the job failed

You can get more informations on the official documentation