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Cozy account types doctype


The io.cozy.account_types can be used for two main purposes:

  • It can contain secret configuration parameters needed by the webapp/konnectors (API Tokens, API URLS, …). Every time a konnector job is executed, the stack can give some of these secret parameters to the konnector

  • It can contain an OAuth configuration for a service. It simplifies the development of konnectors for OAuth providers, and avoids race conditions when the same account is used by several konnectors.

  • grant_mode {string}: Grant mode, part of the OAuth standard

  • client_id {string}: Client ID, part of the OAuth standard
  • client_secret {string}: Client secret, part of the OAuth standard
  • auth_endpoint {string}: The endpoint of the external service authentication
  • token_endpoint {bool}: The endpoint of the external service token exchange
  • token_mode {string}: Mode of token auth retreiving(form/basic/get)
  • redirect_uri {[]string}: List of redirect URIs given by the client. Part of the OAuth standard
  • extras {map[string]string}: Extra auth query parameters
  • slug {string}: Slug of the webapp/konnector
  • secret {object}: JSON object given as an environment variable to the konnector