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Communication with the outside

Konnectors communicate with the stack via its stdout. Each line is parsed by the stack as JSON.

When an error is thrown by the konnector, it is catched and translated to JSON.

Message types

This is the list of error codes that your konnector can throw and which will be translated by the collect application.

Example :

const login = function () {
  throw new Error('LOGIN_FAILED')

Collect will then signal to the user that the credentials used are not correct.

Error code Meaning
LOGIN_OK The konnector has logged in
LOGIN_FAILED The konnector could not login
NOT_EXISTING_DIRECTORY The folder specified as folder_to_save does not exist (checked by BaseKonnector)
VENDOR_DOWN The vendor’s website is down
USER_ACTION_NEEDED The user needs to go to the vendor’s website to fix something
UNKNOWN_ERROR There was an unexpected error, please take a look at the logs to know what happened


If process.env.SENTRY_DSN is set :

  • Raven will be configured to send exception to this address
  • the BaseKonnector will have its run method wrapped into a Raven.context so that when it fails, it sends the exception to Raven before exiting.

The idea being that the process.env.SENTRY_DSN is only set up for people having opted in for exception handling. Self-hosted instances of the cozy-stack will be free to use or not our SENTRY_DSN.