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Setting Up a Development Environment

Cozy Desktop is based on electron and the code is mostly written in JavaScript. To start developing, check the prerequisites and follow the guide below.

The following commands should work in a Unix shell (Bash or ZSH for example) and in Windows PowerShell.

Install requirements

To develop and build the source code, you will need the following:

Consult ./ for help on this topic.

Get the code

git clone
cd cozy-desktop

Warning: The path to your local repository should not include any space, otherwise installing dependencies will fail.

Install dependencies

yarn install:all

Build everything

yarn build

Transifex (optional)

If you need to update translations, you’ll need a Transifex API token at this step (requested automatically if transifex is in your $PATH)

  • Create an account on
  • Join the Cozy team
  • Get your API token from the account settings page

Start development version

yarn start

N.B.: the address of the development cozy-stack is http://cozy.localhost:8080. Don’t forget the protocol part when creating the connection in cozy-desktop for the first time or it won’t find the server.

Run tests

See test.

Develop Elm

The script yarn dev:elm let you develop elm in standalone.

Open the browser at http://localhost:8000/dev/elm.html#updater. See Window.elm@fromHash for different windows (updater, tray, help, …).