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Cozy Notifications doctype


Applications can notify the cozy owner. They will appear in the cozy-bar, the mobile app, and a summary can be sent by email.

  • source: {id} the id of the application/konnector that has made the notification
  • reference: {string} a reference for the application (it can be used to hide other notifications like this one, or to update a count in a notification)
  • title: {string} a title to explain the notification
  • content: {string} more context about the notification
  • icon: {image} an icon to display with the notification
  • actions: [{text, intent}] an array of objects with a text and an intent. Each action can be seen as a link, the text being what is shown and the intent what happens when clicking on the link.
  • created_at: {timestamp} the date of the creation.

See also the notification documentation for more informations.