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Cozy Photos doctype

This doctype is used both for manual albums and for clusters.

  • name: {string} the name of the album. It is the date of the oldest photo for a cluster.
  • auto: {bool} true if the album was automatically computed, and is therefore a cluster.
  • period: {object} if cluster, the temporal period of the album.
  • start: {date} the date of the oldest photo.
  • end: {date} the date of the newest photo.

The photos in an album are files (with the class image) that are referenced by the album document.

This doctype is used to store settings for photos, useful for the clustering.

  • type: {string} the type of settings, e.g. clustering.

Clustering settings

  • lastDate: {date} the date of the last clustered photo. It is the value of the cozyMetadata.createdAt saved in the io.cozy.files of the photo.
  • jobStatus: {string} the execution status, can be running if the service is running, postponed if an execution is planned later, or empty.
  • evaluationCount: {number} indicates the number of photos clustered since the last parameters evaluation. If this number is greater than a threshold, it triggers a new parameter evaluation and reset this number to 0.
  • runs: {number} number of all clustering runs, it is incremented at each new successful execution.
  • parameters: {array} a list of parameters for the clustering with the following attributes:
  • period: {object} the temporal period of the clustered photos for this set of parameters.
    • start: {date} the start of the period.
    • end: {date} the end of the period.
  • modes: {array} a list of granularity modes parameters, with the following attributes:
    • name: {string} the name of the mode, e.g. default or macro.
    • eps_temporal: {number} the temporal epsilon parameter.
    • eps_spatial: {number} the spatial epsilon parameter.
  • evaluation: {object} the evaluation period on which the parameters have been computed.
    • start: {date} the start of the period.
    • end: {date} the end of the period.
  • defaultEvaluation: {bool} if the current evaluation use default parameters because there was not enough photos.