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Cozy Realtime

What’s cozy-realtime?

A simple way to have realtime using Websocket with cozy-stack.



npm install --save cozy-realtime or yarn add cozy-realtime


import CozyRealtime from 'cozy-realtime'

const realtime = new CozyRealtime({ client: cozyClient })
const type = 'io.cozy.accounts'
const id = 'document_id'
const handlerCreate = accounts => {
  console.log(`A new 'io.cozy.accounts' is created with id '${accounts._id}'.`)
const handlerUpdate = accounts => {
  console.log(`An account is updated with id '${accounts._id}'.`)

// To subscribe
await realtime.subscribe('created', type, handlerCreate)
await realtime.subscribe('updated', type, handlerUpdate)
await realtime.subscribe('updated', type, id, handlerUpdate)

// To unsubscribe
await realtime.unsubscribe('created', type, handlerCreate)
await realtime.unsubscribe('updated', type, handlerCreate)
await realtime.unsubscribe('updated', type, id, handlerCreate)

// To unsubscribe all
await realtime.unsubscribeAll()


cozy-realtime is distributed under the MIT license.