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running a konnector locally

Locally but linked to a Cozy

This method requires a working cozy-stack. It will allow you to run the konnector outside the cozy-stack but saves the data inside the cozy-stack. This can be useful when your konnector is not available in one of the registries but you still want to save you data in your real Cozy.

You can find a detailed explanation inside the linking your konnector to a cozy page.

Installed from a local directory

This method requires a working cozy-stack with the admin permissions and the cozy-stack CLI. It will allow you to install your konnector exactly like it was published in a registry. This can be a good way to check locally if everything works well before publishing to the registry.

Installing the konnector

First build it:

yarn build

Start your cozy-stack server with the --dev flag. If you have the cozy-stack source code locally you can run this following command for example:

go run . serve --dev --config ~/.config/cozy/config.yaml --mailhog --fs-url=file://localhost${PWD}/storage --konnectors-cmd ${PWD}/scripts/

You will need to have a valid configuration file.

Then you just have to run:

cozy-stack konnectors install <slug> files://<konnector folder absolute path>/build

Be careful to point the /build folder inside your konnector folder!

Run the konnector

Once connected to your Cozy instance (probably http://cozy.localhost:8080) you should have a new icon with your konnector name. Once you click on it, you will be asked the informations required to run the konnector. Once saved, the konnector will start running.

After modifying the konnector, clicking on the Synchronize button will fetch the new code an run it with the changes.