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Bitwarden ciphers

The com.bitwarden.ciphers doctype is used to store secret things for the bitwarden clients. There are 4 types of ciphers:

  1. Login
  2. Secure note
  3. Card
  4. Identity


  • type: {int} - from 1 for login to 4 for identity (see the list above)
  • shared_with_cozy: {bool} - true if the cipher is in the cozy organization
  • favorite: {bool} - true if the cipher has been marked as a favorite in a client
  • name: {string} - the name of the cipher, encrypted as a cipherString with AES
  • notes: {string} - some notes about the cipher, encrypted
  • folder_id: {string} - the identifier of a bitwarden folder
  • login: {object} - an object only used when type is 1 (see below)
  • data: {object} - a map of encrypted properties on the cipher
  • fields: {array} - a list of objects, with type, name, and value (encrypted)
  • organization_id: {uuid} - the identifier of a bitwarden organization
  • collection_id: {uuid} - the identifier of the collection (see bitwarden organization)
  • cozyMetadata: {object} - the cozyMetadata
  • deletedDate: {string} - the soft deletion date of the cipher. It is used to trash ciphers.


When the cipher has type 1 (login), the login is an object with these fields:

  • uris: {array} - an array of uri (an encrypted string) and match (null or a number)
  • username: {string} - the encrypted username/login/identifier
  • password: {string} - the encrypted password
  • passwordRevisionDate: {date} - the last time the password was changed
  • totp: {string} - the encrypted information about the second factor (2FA)


  "_id": "44907c0262681483ab53e944fa077496",
  "_rev": "1-ded69b8f2b34ba6095f7637868453138",
  "type": 1,
  "shared_with_cozy": false,
  "name": "2.ygPX4ld50/Z2kEjdEWvhHg==|1nxqZVBUcnMk9bxzQDJyqQ==|HRjAlp45dJ2RBRBGY6yvDvZseOD49oimuUU5y12MuHk=",
  "login": {
    "uris": [
        "uri": "2.DNrdKV2iNY+RtJbqFnPu7Q==|vhIZA5pXFngJRCnZlYjTmQV0ybQdJ6lNzt1CoTauwVI=|PiDEUFpvEaJtrKADSnyuqALajPHnDmfQsiDLEqF+3YY="
    "username": "2.+uazyy7smAtIToJfqcS8yw==|IhmkZ0OHV+kX7txsPsSztA==|tDc1Zgknyl/JMn/O44hWZBaywSsHGeRGvK7ffEr5SdM=",
    "password": "2.L+41A7ch4GypwrIFXG5vkA==|S3eFnoNtk1IpsT4gcfcNrw==|lqdBTpSHKqTJtgBBXBXqm2K249AF1gZMec4cFf5gqR0="
  "fields": null,
  "organization_id": "8869e3ee461551cc2bc4d5d9a107dbf9",
  "collection_id": "8869e3ee461551cc2bc4d5d9a107d0c1",
  "cozyMetadata": {
    "doctypeVersion": "1",
    "metadataVersion": 1,
    "createdAt": "2019-09-24T15:48:19.55593719+02:00",
    "updatedAt": "2019-09-24T15:48:19.55593719+02:00"