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Adding a new doctype

There is currently several steps to add a new doctype. We hope to improve that in the near future. For the moment, this guide can help you to not forget a step.

Choosing a name for your doctype

The doctype name is something like io.cozy.contacts. The io.cozy prefix is reserved for doctypes created and managed by Cozy Cloud. If you have an official website, you can use it (in reversed order) for the prefix. Else, you can use your github or gitlab handle: github.nono or gitlab.nono.

Then, you can add a plural noun to indicate what is the type of the documents. If you have several related doctypes, it is common to nest them. For example, io.cozy.contacts.accounts is the accounts of external services used to synchronize the io.cozy.accounts.

The name of the doctype must be composed of only lowercase letters, digits, . and _ characters.

Add documentation about your doctype

The doctypes are documented on to help other developers to reuse the same doctypes. If you think that your doctype may be useful to others, you can make a pull request on the repository.

⚠️ Do not forget to put a link to this new doc into:

  • the toc.yml file so that it appears in the navigation menus.
  • the file so that it appears the index page.

Note: it’s the docs directory that you should update. The other directories are used by remote doctypes.

Add your doctype to the store and stack

Both the store and the stack knows of the doctypes, for showing permissions. For the store, it is shown to the user before installing an application that uses this doctype. For the stack, it is used for showing permissions for sharings and OAuth clients. In both cases, there is a short description of the doctype, localized on transifex, and an icon to illustrate it.

Here are the relevant places:

Using the doctype in your application

Of course, after all those efforts, you want to use your new doctype in your application. Do not forget to add a permission in the manifest to use it!