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Automated Cozy Hydrater (ACH [ax]) is a CLI that lets you create and remove documents in your Cozy.


Install ACH using yarn or npm.

$ yarn global add cozy-ach
$ npm install -g cozy-ach

If you cannot execute ACH after this command, it may be because you do not have the directory where yarn stores its symbolic links in your PATH. Edit it to append the result of yarn global bin.


Usage: ACH [options] [command]

  -V, --version                               output the version number
  -t --token [token]                          Token file to use
  -y --yes                                    Does not ask for confirmation on sensitive operations
  -u --url [url]                              URL of the cozy to use. Defaults to "".' (default: "")
  -h, --help                                  output usage information

  import <filepath> [handlebarsOptionsFile]   The file containing the JSON data to import. Defaults to "example-data.json". Then the dummy helpers JS file (optional).
  importDir <directoryPath>                   The path to the directory content to import. Defaults to "./DirectoriesToInject".
  generateFiles [path] [filesCount]           Generates a given number of small files.
  drop [options] <doctypes...>                Deletes all documents of the provided doctypes. For real.
  export <doctypes> [filename]                Exports data from the doctypes (separated by commas) to filename
  downloadFile <fileid>                       Download the file
  delete <doctype> <ids...>                   Delete document(s)
  updateSettings                              Update settings
  token <doctypes...>                         Generate token
  script [options] <scriptName>               Launch script
  ls-scripts                                  Lists all built-in scripts, useful for autocompletion
  batch [options] <scriptName> <domainsFile>  Launch script


Import data

$ cat data.json
  "io.cozy.bills": [
      "_id": "eba16106554ca9e23012f83f9c7937c0",
      "amount": 0.71,
      "beneficiary": "Thyrion Lannister",
      "date": "1455-05-08T22:00:00.000Z",
      "filename": "20170508_528117465_R17125200206528395_malakoff_mederic.pdf",
      "fileurl": "",
      "groupAmount": 3.58,
      "idPrestation": "528117465_R17125200206528395_412877436",
      "idReimbursement": "528117465_R17125200206528395",
      "invoice": "io.cozy.files:ff5864e01f2d20c472f2b0f6531860b7",
      "isRefund": true,
      "isThirdPartyPayer": true,
      "originalAmount": 2.04,
      "originalDate": "2017-04-28T22:00:00.000Z",
      "socialSecurityRefund": 1.33,
      "subtype": "Liver transplant",
      "type": "health_costs",
      "vendor": "Iron Bank of Braavos"
      "_id": "eba16106554ca9e23012f83f9c793761",
      "amount": 50,
      "beneficiary": "Jamie LANNISTER",
      "date": "1455-05-17T22:00:00.000Z",
      "filename": "20170517_528117465_R17137202332136169_malakoff_mederic.pdf",
      "fileurl": "",
      "groupAmount": 175,
      "idPrestation": "528117465_R17137202332136169_415641280",
      "idReimbursement": "528117465_R17137202332136169",
      "invoice": "io.cozy.files:c9a4b2104b4a10de543bd574ac9ff9b1",
      "isRefund": true,
      "isThirdPartyPayer": true,
      "originalAmount": 108,
      "originalDate": "1455-05-09T22:00:00.000Z",
      "socialSecurityRefund": 7.22,
      "subtype": "Golden hand",
      "type": "health_costs",
      "vendor": "Iron Bank of Braavos"
      "_id": "eba16106554ca9e23012f83f9c7936fa",
      "amount": 7.5,
      "beneficiary": "Jamie LANNISTER",
      "date": "1455-05-21T22:00:00.000Z",
      "filename": "20170521_528117465_R171401014733001_malakoff_mederic.pdf",
      "fileurl": "",
      "groupAmount": 7.5,
      "idPrestation": "528117465_R171401014733001_416477228",
      "idReimbursement": "528117465_R171401014733001",
      "invoice": "io.cozy.files:c9a4b2104b4a10de543bd574ac9fed3a",
      "isRefund": true,
      "isThirdPartyPayer": false,
      "originalAmount": 25,
      "originalDate": "1455-05-15T22:00:00.000Z",
      "socialSecurityRefund": 17.5,
      "subtype": "Chiropractor",
      "type": "health_costs",
      "vendor": "Iron Bank of Braavos"
      "_id": "eba16106554ca9e23012f83f9c7936dd",
      "amount": 0.89,
      "beneficiary": "Jamie LANNISTER",
      "date": "2017-07-30T22:00:00.000Z",
      "filename": "20170730_528117465_R17209200405325685_malakoff_mederic.pdf",
      "fileurl": "",
      "groupAmount": 5.21,
      "idPrestation": "528117465_R17209200405325685_432873233",
      "idReimbursement": "528117465_R17209200405325685",
      "invoice": "io.cozy.files:ff5864e01f2d20c472f2b0f6531853ef",
      "isRefund": true,
      "isThirdPartyPayer": true,
      "originalAmount": 2.54,
      "originalDate": "2017-07-24T22:00:00.000Z",
      "socialSecurityRefund": 1.65,
      "subtype": "Chemist",
      "type": "health_costs",
      "vendor": "Iron Bank of Braavos"
      "_id": "eba16106554ca9e23012f83f9c79311a",
      "amount": 0.36,
      "beneficiary": "Jamie LANNISTER",
      "date": "2017-08-06T22:00:00.000Z",
      "filename": "20170806_528117465_R17216201307522910_malakoff_mederic.pdf",
      "fileurl": "",
      "groupAmount": 7.709999999999999,
      "idPrestation": "528117465_R17216201307522910_434482904",
      "idReimbursement": "528117465_R17216201307522910",
      "invoice": "io.cozy.files:ff5864e01f2d20c472f2b0f653185344",
      "isRefund": true,
      "isThirdPartyPayer": true,
      "originalAmount": 1.02,
      "originalDate": "2017-08-01T22:00:00.000Z",
      "socialSecurityRefund": 0.66,
      "subtype": "Sour ",
      "type": "health_costs",
      "vendor": "Iron Bank of Braavos"

$ ACH import data.json

Some JSON files use handlebars helpers, for those file, you need to specify the file where the helpers are defined.

$ ACH import data/bank/bankData.json data/bank/helpers/bankDummyHelpers.js

You can see an example of helpers here.

You can import to a remote Cozy with the --url option :

$ ACH import data/bank/bankData.json data/bank/helpers/bankDummyHelpers.js --url

Import directories with files

To import a directory into a Cozy, use the importDir command:

$ ACH importDir myDirectoryPath # default will be ./DirectoriesToInject

All your target directory content will be imported to the root of Cozy Drive following the correct repositories tree.

Create photo albums with ACH

You can create photo albums from a folder on your disk.

$ python scripts/ my-photos-directory resulting-albums.json

Export data keeping the ids

By default, _id and _rev are stripped from the exported data. Sometimes, you want to keep the ids/rev of the documents you export. Set the environment variable ACH_KEEP_ID to do so :

env ACH_KEEP_ID=true ACH export io.cozy.bills --url /tmp/bills.json

ACH_KEEP_REV does the same to keep the _rev field.

Import data from a CSV

See the example.