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Cozy Banks

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Cozy Banks is the personal financial management application available on Cozy. It helps you gain understanding of your personal finances, and much more . As the first digital home on the market, Cozy helps all users with applications and connectors regain control, streamline and maximize their digital lives.

With Cozy Banks, you can easily:

  • Have all your bank accounts in one place
  • Get an comprehensive overview of all your expenses with one-click access to your bills
  • Directly access your health insurance reimbursements
  • Enjoy all the features for free

Feature requests

We love getting feedback, do not hesitate if you have any. Please use the forum for any feature requests.


$ yarn
$ yarn watch:browser # to dev
$ yarn build:browser # to build

When watching, you still need to have a cozy-stack running to serve the files of the app (do not use the webpack-dev-server directly). This is important as the stack injects through template variables the token and domain used to connect to the cozy. See how to run a cozy application for more information.

⚠️ CSPs must be disabled when working with the development server (as the index.html is served via the stack but the JS assets are served via webpack-dev-server). You can do this via a browser extension (Chrome) or you can tell the stack to disable CSPs via its config file (disable_csp: true, check here for more info on the config file). See an example config file here.


Check out the documentation for components on Styleguidist.


You can add fixtures by using ACH and data in test/fixtures.


The doctypes used in Banks are described in the cozy-doctypes repository.

Continuous build

The application is built automatically and published on Cozy Registry by Travis.

Android environment

To be able to start the mobile app on an emulator or a real device, you can follow this guide.


Maintainers for Cozy Banks are drazik and ptbrowne.