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Different entrypoints for node/browser

cozy-client has different entry points for browser and node (the node version does not export React components). It is implemented by using fields in package.json:

  • browser field is the entrypoint for browsers
  • main field is for node

It causes an issue when writing tests that use React components from cozy-client (Provider for example) since Jest does not support the browser field (contrary to webpack).

⚠️ If you use react APIs, you should configure Jest with the browser option in your package.json or jest.config.js:

   "jest": {
+    "browser": true

There can be some problems since the browser field can clash with other node detection mechanism in other libraries (for example iconv-lite, see this PR), an alternative is to use the moduleNameMapper option to point Jest to the correct entrypoint only for cozy-client.

"moduleNameMapper": {
  "^cozy-client$": "cozy-client/dist/index"

This will force Jest to use the browser entry point.

See this page for another alternative solution that overrides the jest resolver so that it supports the browser field.