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Cozy browser

For some websites, a lot of computation is needed to have a correct authentication and this computation is done in javascript. It is possible to do some reverse engineering but there is another solution: running a browser simulation in your connector.


We chose a specific JS browser implementation which is zombie. It is a wrapper around jsdom to make it easier for scraping.


Add the zombie npm package to your connector using :

yarn add zombie

And use our wrapper with proper defaults for connectors :

const Browser = require('cozy-konnector-libs/dist/CozyBrowser')
const browser = new Browser()

Then you can use the zombie API to run HTTP requests to the targeted website.

browser will keep its own cookie session.

There is an implementation of the connector template using the Cozy Browser available :

What if I want to use the browser session for saveFiles ?

browser has two handy methods to help you with cookie session :

  • getCookieJar : can export the current cookie session in a cookie jar object
  • loadCookieJar : can import a cookie jar object as the new cookie session of the browser
  const { requestFactory } = require('cozy-konnector-libs')
  const j = browser.getCookieJar()
  const request = requestFactory({
    jar: j
  await saveFiles(myBills, fields, {
    requestInstance: request,

I prefer to use cheerio to parse data, even with zombie

It is still possible to access the html of the current page with zombie and you can then load it in a cheerio object :

  const cheerio = require('cheerio')
  const $ = cheerio(await browser.html())