Welcome to your new home

Hello, I’m Claude, Cozy support team member. Let me introduce you to your new home in the cloud.

Our charter

Before starting the visit, I’d like to tell you a few words about our values. Our priority is to help you take back the control on your data, by importing them into a safe place, a place that you’re the only one to have access.

In your personal cloud, you’re at home

By default, you are the only one that can access your data. (…)

Your data belongs to you

Your are the one and only owner of the data stored on your cloud.

Openness brings confidence

Cozy is and will stay a service built on free software: you can use, copy, improve the source code.

You decide how your data can be used

Your Cozy server allows to control the data that you share with third party.

Create your home in the cloud

Your home has an address. Your home in the cloud also has an address. Let’s choose it!

Claude’s tip

Creating a good password may be hard.

Your toolbox

Save all your files and documents in just a click

Access your files wherever your are, whenever you want

Connect to deconnect


Have you installed the Cozy application on your phone?

Have you installed the Cozy application on your computers?

Any question?

One last surprise