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Cozy stack files

cozy-stack files

Interact with the cozy filesystem


cozy-stack files allows to interact with the cozy filesystem.

It provides command to create, move copy or delete files and directories inside your cozy instance, using the command line interface. It also provide an import command to import from your current filesystem into cozy.

cozy-stack files <command> [flags]


      --domain string   specify the domain name of the instance (default "cozy.localhost:8080")
  -h, --help            help for files

Options inherited from parent commands

      --admin-host string   administration server host (default "localhost")
      --admin-port int      administration server port (default 6060)
  -c, --config string       configuration file (default "$HOME/.cozy.yaml")
      --host string         server host (default "localhost")
  -p, --port int            server port (default 8080)